Everything about Badge Holders

These days, nearly everyone have at least one ID card, may it be of their school, college or employer. Badge holders are the unsung heroes that save and protect our id card from being damaged due to our hectic schedule. With the amount of abuse your id cards suffer from, an appropriate and high quality badge holder is a must if you don’t want to go through the hassle of getting a new one issued every once in a while. Now, there are numerous types of badge holders available in the market today and each one has its own specific purpose. Some holders are made for temporary purposes such as holding the cards for the attendees of a conference or something and some are long term which are used for holding ID cards which will be required for a longer amount of time.

Badge Holders

Depending upon the purpose, various materials can be used to manufacture an ID card holder. They can be made of vinyl, plastic, polycarbonate or some eco-friendly material. With the rise in awareness among people regarding global warming and other environmental issues, there have been a rise in the production of eco-friendly products. Many manufacturers and companies are turning towards badge holders made from recycled materials which are free from any toxic chemicals which can harm the environment. However, most of them are not completely eco-friendly as they are still made of plastics even though they are recycled. It is just that they are a bit less harmful to our environment than others but they still adversely affect it.

Now, while deciding upon a badge holder, you must consider a lot of things, such as – If you happen to have a proximity card which is also used to open doors, etc. then you must invest in a proximity card holder, they secure and hold onto your card firmly so that it is not let loose. Other variants are shielded smart card holders, they are generally used for government-issued smart cards as they tend to have a chip in them to store important data and since it can be hazardous if some unauthorized person happen to get access to the data, so shielded card holders are used which prevents any access to the information stored inside the card and whenever the person wishes to get his card scanned for authorized purposes, all he needs to do is press the top of the holder which opens the shield and let the scanner read through the data.

Other badge holders are rigid plastic holders which are generally perfect for normal usage and widely used. They are made of plastic and provide a firm grip over the card and also protect it from breaking or getting cracked and they come in various shapes, sizes and colors. However, looking at the current scenario, it is recommended that you use eco-friendly badge holders and preferably the ones which are completely non-toxic. On an average, a person have at least 2-3 badges and multiplying that by the amount of people having them, there is a lot of carbon footprint we can save on.


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