Tips to buy a Badge Holder

Badges are no doubt important for identification and safety purposes and almost every employee uses an id badge nowadays. It is estimated that each user runs through 2 Id Badge Holders every month on an average. For the users, this would be a minor issue but for an employer, who is actually the buyer and issuer of these badge holders, the costs incurred could be annoying. Usually employers buy badge holder boxes every month and are mostly resigned to this recurring cost. They also resort to the cheap plastic holders to keep the costs down but it is actually possible to reduce costs by buying better quality (read costlier) badge holders in the first place. Paradoxical? Read on…
The cheap plastic varieties of badge holders cost just a few cents per piece and are the most commonly used ones. They are also the least durable, with a usage life of just a week or two. It is no surprise then that the users run through more than one badge holder every other week. A durable holder made with hard plastic can last 4 times more than the cheap ones. This means that the users are likely to keep the holder for at least 2 months, unless they lose the Id Badge altogether. Sturdier badge holders with durable tags are the way to go, to save costs in the long run.

Ease of use is another important aspect for an id badge holder. The standard badge holders are long and unwieldy to be honest and most users are inconvenienced by them. This might sound very trivial in the larger scheme of things but can be the main reason why people do not care too much about them in the first place. If this issue is addressed, users may well start keeping the badge holders in good shape. There are many modified varieties of badge holders:
Clip ons
Tag + Clip ons
Hip Tags
Retractable Holders
…are just a few examples. These modified holders are much more convenient to use and are also more appealing to the users.

A badge holder does not merit the tag of being an office wear but still, it is the most visible thing an employee wears. So, there is a need to make them aesthetically good too. Of course, there is no need to spend a lot of time to design and customize the badge holders but a little attention to it will go a long way to increase its appeal (and influence users to take better care of it). It does not cost much to customize a badge holder and every manufacturer has a big list of customizable templates that buyers can choose/modify from.
Durability, Appeal and Customization of Id badge holders go a long way in prolonging their usage life. This simple but essential office accessory may be the most neglected (and invisible) part of the everyday user’s outfit but can prove to be an unnecessary expenditure, if the wrong choices are made. Next time you buy a badge holder, buy the right product based on these aspects; don’t just buy cheap ones by the dozen and inconvenience yourself (or your employees) with them.


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