Retractable Badge Holder: Does Material Really Matter

Does it or doesn’t it: that is the question. Although this may sound innocuous, the materials necessary for the construction of a retractable badge holder may be an important factor to consider, especially if you are seriously considering buying by bulk for any likely purpose. Aside from dictating the actual price of the retractable badge holder, the materials used may also stake a claim as to whether or not the badge holders are convenient to use in daily activities. After all, convenience is the primary reason why people have shifted from the traditional Bundy clock-in or the alphanumerical touch pad access.


As a rule, many people do not really give second thoughts when it comes to buying badge holders – retractable or otherwise. It is easy enough to assume one badge holder is similar to everything else in the market. This is not a huge deal especially if you are buying 1 or 5 or even 20 pieces for your personal or even company use. However, there are some people who do like to get value for their money, especially if they are ordering more than 100 pieces at a time. And then there are others who prefer to get something a bit different from the norm, like ordering custom-made retractable badge holders in silver and gold.

Functional Badge Holders

The truth is: it does not matter if you are ordering pre-made badge holders or ordering custom made ones, some materials used in one retractable badge holder can be troublesome afterwards. For example: your company utilizes metal detectors. If all your personnel are required to wear metal badge holders, this poses as an inconvenience on the part of wearer. In order for one person to get through the security checks, he or she has to remove the retractable badge holder, and put it on again once inside. Now imagine having to do this about 4 to 5 times a day… 6 days a week… for the next 6 months. True, this is not that big an issue, but still. Inconveniences like these could have easily been avoided with a little forethought.

Another example: a retractable badge holder made of fiberglass can be a wonderful piece. Since graphics, logos and text can easily be incorporated in the see-through material, badge holders of this kind are easily in demand. Fiberglass is great for personnel who may be limited to the office environs. However, for personnel on the go, fiberglass can easily scratch, break and do not really fare well in conditions where there are sudden shifts of temperature.

Decorative Badge Holders

Other than metal and fiberglass, the most popular materials being used for the construction of the retractable badge holder are: clear (polymer) plastic, rubber, steel and aluminum. Some badge holders, however, are made of more expensive materials like silver and gold. Needless to say, these are not exactly for everyday use. And ordering quantities of these materials are a lot pricier than the norm. However, silver and gold badge holders are great corporate giveaways to the company’s patrons and select clientele. These can also be used as passive promotional materials since company logos and whatnots can either be engraved or embossed within.


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