Considering buying plastic badges?

When you were a child, you probably had a whole selection of badges, made from plastic, vinyl, metal, or even card. But badges are not only child’s play, and as an adult you will probably find plenty of uses for them. One of the most popular and affordable kinds is the plastic badge, which is easy to produce.

So what would you use a plastic badge for? There are many different kinds of uses. The first kind would be for a conference, when you want to give the participants individual name tags. A plastic badge looks far more classy than a card name tag, giving the conference a more professional edge. To this end, you would get the badges professionally produced, adorned with either the participant’s logo or the logo of the conference.




A plastic badge may also be used as a part of company policy to make staff more accessible to the public. Each staff member wears a name badge, again decorated with the company logo, the idea being that clients and customers get to feel more comfortable with them and more trusting because they can see their names. Instead of the company being a faceless monolith, its staff has individual names, making them appear more human when dealing with the public.

If you are a schoolteacher, you might want to give your young pupils badges as special rewards. You could give them plastic badges decorated with slogans such as, “Star pupil” or “Cool kid,” using them as fairly inexpensive and popular prizes. Perhaps you wouldn’t bother with slogans at all, but you would get the plastic badge made into a cute shape or in the likeness of the children’s favorite cartoon characters, such as the Care Bears or Hello Kitty.

Another use for the plastic badge could be as a promotion for a particular product, team, or company. For example, the badge could bear the name of a certain football team and their logo and colors. These badges would be sold to eager fans or given away to children, spreading the awareness of that particular team. In fact, such badges do end up acquiring a certain cult status, as it becomes trendy to either wear them or collect them. This is certainly a great revenue stream for the company producing these as they can become very popular.

In today’s image conscious society, collecting badges has become very popular. It is not only older, metal badges that grace the most important collections, but also the plastic badge in its various permutations. If we want to look at it sociologically, the most popular plastic badge reflects the changing mores of society – which shapes and slogans are the most appealing, which products are considered cool, and the various ways that companies try to sell their products and services by using this particular medium.

So as time and technology move on, the plastic badge is very much here to stay and it continues to convey its message and promotion as time goes by.


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