Considering buying plastic badges?

When you were a child, you probably had a whole selection of badges, made from plastic, vinyl, metal, or even card. But badges are not only child’s play, and as an adult you will probably find plenty of uses for them. One of the most popular and affordable kinds is the plastic badge, which is easy to produce.

So what would you use a plastic badge for? There are many different kinds of uses. The first kind would be for a conference, when you want to give the participants individual name tags. A plastic badge looks far more classy than a card name tag, giving the conference a more professional edge. To this end, you would get the badges professionally produced, adorned with either the participant’s logo or the logo of the conference.




A plastic badge may also be used as a part of company policy to make staff more accessible to the public. Each staff member wears a name badge, again decorated with the company logo, the idea being that clients and customers get to feel more comfortable with them and more trusting because they can see their names. Instead of the company being a faceless monolith, its staff has individual names, making them appear more human when dealing with the public.

If you are a schoolteacher, you might want to give your young pupils badges as special rewards. You could give them plastic badges decorated with slogans such as, “Star pupil” or “Cool kid,” using them as fairly inexpensive and popular prizes. Perhaps you wouldn’t bother with slogans at all, but you would get the plastic badge made into a cute shape or in the likeness of the children’s favorite cartoon characters, such as the Care Bears or Hello Kitty.

Another use for the plastic badge could be as a promotion for a particular product, team, or company. For example, the badge could bear the name of a certain football team and their logo and colors. These badges would be sold to eager fans or given away to children, spreading the awareness of that particular team. In fact, such badges do end up acquiring a certain cult status, as it becomes trendy to either wear them or collect them. This is certainly a great revenue stream for the company producing these as they can become very popular.

In today’s image conscious society, collecting badges has become very popular. It is not only older, metal badges that grace the most important collections, but also the plastic badge in its various permutations. If we want to look at it sociologically, the most popular plastic badge reflects the changing mores of society – which shapes and slogans are the most appealing, which products are considered cool, and the various ways that companies try to sell their products and services by using this particular medium.

So as time and technology move on, the plastic badge is very much here to stay and it continues to convey its message and promotion as time goes by.


How to go for convenient badge holders?

If you are employed or studying in a school/college, you might want to wear a badge. The workplace processes should be easy. In order to check attendance and to release certain kinds of documents, you should carry your ID badge holder. The badge holder should give you easy access to different parts of the building. People working in corporate environment will go for retractable holders so that there will be great convenience.

Benefits of retractable holders

You can go for convenient Retractable Badge Holder so that you can show the card at various locations very conveniently. In some cases, you are required to detach the ID card from your body so that they can be displayed in a very convenient way. When you possess a retractable holder, you are not required to detach from your body. It is possible to avoid unnecessary loss of the ID card as well. Unnecessary hassle is overcome in this process.
Your id card will be very unique. The color, shape and design can be chosen to deliver best corporate identity. You can find corporate logo on it. The retractable holder offers great convenience than lanyard. In case of lanyard, you are required to wear over the head. If you remove it and place at a location, you might forget to recollect the same. In case of Retractable Id Badge Holder, you are not required to remove it from your body.
In recent past, retractable holders are used by marketing agencies as well to promote their products and services. If you are spending the entire day at office, you can go for retractable cards. They can be used by security guards and nurses as well. These holders are very flexible. Highly automated offices depend upon these kinds of card holders. The card holder can be extended to some length very easily. They will reach to their initial position immediately.

Great saving potential

In addition to the great flexibility extended to employees, there is great saving potential as well. You can advertise and promote your brand in a very efficient way when you use right kind of Retractable Badge Holder. In fact, the advertising will be done free of cost. Your company will be made known to masses with very little advertising cost. Thus, every single badge worn by your employees will help promote your business and brand identity is further enhanced.
When employees possess retractable ID cards, they will be able to swipe at door devices very easily. It is possible to stand at a reasonable distance and swipe operation can be completed. You can offer smart Id holders to employees so that they would love to wear on their wardrobe very easily. As badge has become one of the accessories, employers should plan for right kind of design so that the interests of the management as well as employees will be fulfilled in a very efficient way. You can choose durable badges which will last for a lifetime.


Retractable Badge Holder: Does Material Really Matter

Does it or doesn’t it: that is the question. Although this may sound innocuous, the materials necessary for the construction of a retractable badge holder may be an important factor to consider, especially if you are seriously considering buying by bulk for any likely purpose. Aside from dictating the actual price of the retractable badge holder, the materials used may also stake a claim as to whether or not the badge holders are convenient to use in daily activities. After all, convenience is the primary reason why people have shifted from the traditional Bundy clock-in or the alphanumerical touch pad access.


As a rule, many people do not really give second thoughts when it comes to buying badge holders – retractable or otherwise. It is easy enough to assume one badge holder is similar to everything else in the market. This is not a huge deal especially if you are buying 1 or 5 or even 20 pieces for your personal or even company use. However, there are some people who do like to get value for their money, especially if they are ordering more than 100 pieces at a time. And then there are others who prefer to get something a bit different from the norm, like ordering custom-made retractable badge holders in silver and gold.

Functional Badge Holders

The truth is: it does not matter if you are ordering pre-made badge holders or ordering custom made ones, some materials used in one retractable badge holder can be troublesome afterwards. For example: your company utilizes metal detectors. If all your personnel are required to wear metal badge holders, this poses as an inconvenience on the part of wearer. In order for one person to get through the security checks, he or she has to remove the retractable badge holder, and put it on again once inside. Now imagine having to do this about 4 to 5 times a day… 6 days a week… for the next 6 months. True, this is not that big an issue, but still. Inconveniences like these could have easily been avoided with a little forethought.

Another example: a retractable badge holder made of fiberglass can be a wonderful piece. Since graphics, logos and text can easily be incorporated in the see-through material, badge holders of this kind are easily in demand. Fiberglass is great for personnel who may be limited to the office environs. However, for personnel on the go, fiberglass can easily scratch, break and do not really fare well in conditions where there are sudden shifts of temperature.

Decorative Badge Holders

Other than metal and fiberglass, the most popular materials being used for the construction of the retractable badge holder are: clear (polymer) plastic, rubber, steel and aluminum. Some badge holders, however, are made of more expensive materials like silver and gold. Needless to say, these are not exactly for everyday use. And ordering quantities of these materials are a lot pricier than the norm. However, silver and gold badge holders are great corporate giveaways to the company’s patrons and select clientele. These can also be used as passive promotional materials since company logos and whatnots can either be engraved or embossed within.

Tips to buy a Badge Holder

Badges are no doubt important for identification and safety purposes and almost every employee uses an id badge nowadays. It is estimated that each user runs through 2 Id Badge Holders every month on an average. For the users, this would be a minor issue but for an employer, who is actually the buyer and issuer of these badge holders, the costs incurred could be annoying. Usually employers buy badge holder boxes every month and are mostly resigned to this recurring cost. They also resort to the cheap plastic holders to keep the costs down but it is actually possible to reduce costs by buying better quality (read costlier) badge holders in the first place. Paradoxical? Read on…
The cheap plastic varieties of badge holders cost just a few cents per piece and are the most commonly used ones. They are also the least durable, with a usage life of just a week or two. It is no surprise then that the users run through more than one badge holder every other week. A durable holder made with hard plastic can last 4 times more than the cheap ones. This means that the users are likely to keep the holder for at least 2 months, unless they lose the Id Badge altogether. Sturdier badge holders with durable tags are the way to go, to save costs in the long run.

Ease of use is another important aspect for an id badge holder. The standard badge holders are long and unwieldy to be honest and most users are inconvenienced by them. This might sound very trivial in the larger scheme of things but can be the main reason why people do not care too much about them in the first place. If this issue is addressed, users may well start keeping the badge holders in good shape. There are many modified varieties of badge holders:
Clip ons
Tag + Clip ons
Hip Tags
Retractable Holders
…are just a few examples. These modified holders are much more convenient to use and are also more appealing to the users.

A badge holder does not merit the tag of being an office wear but still, it is the most visible thing an employee wears. So, there is a need to make them aesthetically good too. Of course, there is no need to spend a lot of time to design and customize the badge holders but a little attention to it will go a long way to increase its appeal (and influence users to take better care of it). It does not cost much to customize a badge holder and every manufacturer has a big list of customizable templates that buyers can choose/modify from.
Durability, Appeal and Customization of Id badge holders go a long way in prolonging their usage life. This simple but essential office accessory may be the most neglected (and invisible) part of the everyday user’s outfit but can prove to be an unnecessary expenditure, if the wrong choices are made. Next time you buy a badge holder, buy the right product based on these aspects; don’t just buy cheap ones by the dozen and inconvenience yourself (or your employees) with them.

Everything about Badge Holders

These days, nearly everyone have at least one ID card, may it be of their school, college or employer. Badge holders are the unsung heroes that save and protect our id card from being damaged due to our hectic schedule. With the amount of abuse your id cards suffer from, an appropriate and high quality badge holder is a must if you don’t want to go through the hassle of getting a new one issued every once in a while. Now, there are numerous types of badge holders available in the market today and each one has its own specific purpose. Some holders are made for temporary purposes such as holding the cards for the attendees of a conference or something and some are long term which are used for holding ID cards which will be required for a longer amount of time.

Badge Holders

Depending upon the purpose, various materials can be used to manufacture an ID card holder. They can be made of vinyl, plastic, polycarbonate or some eco-friendly material. With the rise in awareness among people regarding global warming and other environmental issues, there have been a rise in the production of eco-friendly products. Many manufacturers and companies are turning towards badge holders made from recycled materials which are free from any toxic chemicals which can harm the environment. However, most of them are not completely eco-friendly as they are still made of plastics even though they are recycled. It is just that they are a bit less harmful to our environment than others but they still adversely affect it.

Now, while deciding upon a badge holder, you must consider a lot of things, such as – If you happen to have a proximity card which is also used to open doors, etc. then you must invest in a proximity card holder, they secure and hold onto your card firmly so that it is not let loose. Other variants are shielded smart card holders, they are generally used for government-issued smart cards as they tend to have a chip in them to store important data and since it can be hazardous if some unauthorized person happen to get access to the data, so shielded card holders are used which prevents any access to the information stored inside the card and whenever the person wishes to get his card scanned for authorized purposes, all he needs to do is press the top of the holder which opens the shield and let the scanner read through the data.

Other badge holders are rigid plastic holders which are generally perfect for normal usage and widely used. They are made of plastic and provide a firm grip over the card and also protect it from breaking or getting cracked and they come in various shapes, sizes and colors. However, looking at the current scenario, it is recommended that you use eco-friendly badge holders and preferably the ones which are completely non-toxic. On an average, a person have at least 2-3 badges and multiplying that by the amount of people having them, there is a lot of carbon footprint we can save on.

Id Badge Holders: Is an Important Piece for Your Life at Work

It could be hard to decide what sort of badge holder is the best alternative in the event that you will be wearing it in general, even every day. There is mixture of diverse alternatives to look over, which implies that there are various distinctive components that you may need to consider when deciding on a badge holder for work. Probably the most prominent alternatives for these practical pieces incorporate beaded cords for badges, clear stick on holders or magnetic holders. With a specific end goal to settle on an educated choice that will end up being useful over the long haul, you have to consider elements like solidness, expense, and professionalism.

leather badge

Fortunately, beaded cords for badges are astoundingly reasonable things that are likewise widely accessible. Numerous individuals are not mindful that they have alternatives for how to show their representative identification and consequently stay saddled to the standard issue badge holder they were given upon contract. The most improving thing an individual may wear is the cord he got at the last exchange show or gathering.

ID badge is a substantial a piece of your life at work

At the point when the ID badge is such a substantial a piece of your life at work, you have each motivation to transform the badge holder into an announcement piece. Picking an enhancing thing over a standard metal and plastic cut shows a more expert picture and expenses so little that you could treat yourself to new cords or badge cuts to suit each temperament or season. While beaded cords for badges may be an exceptionally prevalent decision for the expert lady, men can additionally show their badges in an exceedingly expert style through the utilization of enriching pieces also.

leather badge

Badge for wide range customers

A male expert may pick between badge cuts offering metal or cords built of strong cowhide. A few cords are nylon lace offering plans, for example, tribal tattoos or cover. Configuration is totally a matter of decision. The point here is that men and ladies both have a wide assortment of decisions in the matter of deciding their particular style. For the school sports lover, there are even badge cuts emphasizing school logos.

A retractable badge is good alternative

For individuals whose badge is additionally an electronic key, a retractable badge reel is ideal to empower snappy and simple sliding of the key through a card onlooker. For the individuals who can’t or essentially don’t have any desire to wear a cord, then a magnetic or cut on badge holder is the best alternative for conspicuously and stunningly showing an ID badge at work.